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Bonda kak Sue
HAJJAH SITI AMINAH BT TAHIR telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pada Ahad, 20 Jun 2010 (7 Rejab 1431H). Semoga Allah merahmati rohnya dan ditempatkan dalam golongan hambaNya yang beriman. Amiiin... Al-Fatihah..

Terima kasih kepada yang sudi menghadiahkan Fatihah kepada bonda. Semoga Allah swt juga memberkati saudara-i...Wassalam.

Amazing Cures For Breast Cancer


Breast cancer research has come a long way. Now we know of some ways you can take care of yourself to prevent this disease. Read this informative article about how you can take care of yourself to reduce your breast cancer risk.

You have read the alarming statistics. Every three minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. Old school methods like surgery, hormone treatments, radiation, and chemotherapy cause women great suffering without treating breast cancer. Women suffer through physical pain, financial devastation, degrading surgery, poor health, loss, depression, and ultimately poor results.

What alternatives cures are available for breast cancer?

Follow 7 simple tips to cure breast cancer naturally.

Tip 1: Consume flaxseed oil daily.

Flaxseed oil, also known as linseed oil, can be taken as a vitamin, loose fibers, or in liquid form. When you purchase flax oil, make sure the bottle is labeled as a dietary supplement. You can add 1 to 2 tablespoons of flax oil to salad dressings, yogurt, smoothies, or simply drizzle it over steamed vegetables and cooked grains.

Canadian researchers gave women with breast cancer one muffin a day containing linseed oil and discovered that the women who ate the muffins reduced their cancer by over 42%. The linseed oil muffins appeared to be more effective than the radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Flaxseed's anti-cancer elements and dietary nutrients have been promoted since the 1950s. In addition to fighting breast cancer, flaxseed is beneficial for constipation, abdominal problems, breathing problems, sore throat, eczema, menstrual problems, and arthritis. The omega-3 fatty acid in flaxseed is believed to be the source that prevents breast cancer,lowers cholesterol levels, and boosts the immune system.

Tip 2: Take Vitamin D.

Scientists have promoted that Vitamin D, which comes naturally from the sun, dramatically reduces the chances of developing breast, ovarian, and colon cancer.

Tip 3: Oral chelation.

Oral chelation means taking natural substances orally to be absorbed into the body. Once absorbed, the natural substance grabs hold of toxic materials in your body, such as minerals, metals, and chemicals, then carries the toxins out of your body through urine and bowel movements.

Typical ingredients in chelation are amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, and herbs such as taheebo extract, golden seal, buchu leaf, couch grass, and juniper berries. Chelation is cheap, natural, and can create spectacular results.

Tip 4: Eat fresh lemons.

Lemons prevent diseases and cancer. Lemons contain phytochemicals, which are neither vitamins nor minerals. Phytochemicals are extremely efficient in the prevention of diseases and cancer in the human body.

Tip 5: Reduce stress.

According to the law of attraction, disease cannot exist in the body of a healthy mind. Remove any destructive elements in the soul that lead to division, strife, suffering, disease, and sorrow. The physical world without is a reflection of the world within your mind. You are in control of your mind. Learn Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, yoga, or study a philosophy that teaches inner peace.

Tip 6: Increase oxygen in your body.

An underlying cause of cancer is low cellular oxygenation levels. Poor oxygenation comes from a buildup of toxins within and around cells, causing red blood cells to clump up, slowing down the bloodstream, and restricting flow into capillaries.

Increasing oxygen into your body will lower your acidic level to alkaline. Cancer cells do not survive in a normal alkaline environment.

You can increase oxygen in your body by doing breathing exercises as explained in The Yogi Science of Breath.

Tip 7: Laugh frequently and often!

As recommended world wide, laughter is the BEST MEDICINE... So, why wait? It costs you '0'...

This article is written by Deborah Bravandt. Deborah sponsors walkers for The Three Day breast cancer walk in San Diego. If you would like to get free ebooks on natural cures, breathing exercises, or you want to donate to The 3 Day Walk, visit her at http://www.alphaomegasweeping.com/3daywalk If you are interested in legal benefits, visit http://www.bravandt.com


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