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Bonda kak Sue
HAJJAH SITI AMINAH BT TAHIR telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pada Ahad, 20 Jun 2010 (7 Rejab 1431H). Semoga Allah merahmati rohnya dan ditempatkan dalam golongan hambaNya yang beriman. Amiiin... Al-Fatihah..

Terima kasih kepada yang sudi menghadiahkan Fatihah kepada bonda. Semoga Allah swt juga memberkati saudara-i...Wassalam.

Wake up Muslims, welcome Ramadhan!


My daily routine starts at 4:50 am, and as for today (Thursday, Syaaban 24th, 1431 H), I have nothing much to do after done with my solah and house work. Everybody in the house is fasting, that leaves me at ease... Suddenly I feel like dropping by my son's page, and after browsing his, below is what I've found written by him which has attracted me so much...

"So much of the Modern Crusaders..."

">>>> http://moderncrusader.blogspot.com/"

This blog condemns and insults Allah and Islam."

"Calling themselves the Modern Crusaders (satria Kristian yg menentang Islam), they arrogantly call Allah as Satan and Islam as Nazis. They write out false claims against Allah, Islam, and they even call us the Muslims as LESS EVOLVED THAN APES. While we're busy facebook-ing, these guys are planning to invade Mekah Al Mukarramah, destroy Kaabah, and hence creating a Zionist state with Mekah as its capital.

-Have we ever insulted their religion?
-Have we ever tell lies about them?

Then why are they doing all these against us?
Simple, it's because deep inside they know we're on the right side, which is why they're trying their very best to destroy us, the Islamic Ummah, and hence crushing Allah's religion, Islam.

And what exactly are our reaction against this?
Oh, chatting, socializing, having fun, getting further and further lost from Islamic Teachings, doing exactly what they want us to do. Ok, go ahead...!''

May Allah help us all. "

For those who would like to read further, and find yourselves all the vulgar words written about Islam, do not hesitate to visit this link http://moderncrusader.blogspot.com/ . See also,'The American Thinker' - a daily conservative internet publication dealing with American politics, foreign policy, national security, economics, diplomacy, culture, military strategy, and the survival of The State of Israel.

What ummi has to say or comment then..?

Under Islam, Christians and Jews were recognized as Dhimmis, proctected "people of the book", and were free to practice their religion. However, under the Crusades, wantonly killed Muslims in "The Holy Land" (referring to the attrocities of the Crusaders). As a contrast to what really happened in Spain / Cordoba under Muslims rule, as opposed to what Crusaders were saying about the Muslims being a Nazis.

It is a well known historic fact that the rights of Christians and Jews were proctected in Spain. In fact, one of the reasons why Muslims entered Spain, was to uphold justice and protect the weak and oppressed in Spain. It was actually during the Christian Inquisitions that the majority Muslims and minority Jews were murdered and forced to convert to Christianity or escape the country! Many of the Jews fled Christian lands and sought proctection from Muslims, who proctected their rights to worship freely. Watch the following 11 part documentary for evidence:
'When the Moors ruled Spain": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBsDDGCIFLQ

According to "Islam and the Making of Europe" by David Levering Lewis, Muslims were actually invited into Spain by minority Christians and Jews to defend them from their oppressive rulers. Muslims refer to Spain / Cordoba with grate admiration because it was one of the most beautiful times in history where believers in monotheism worked together instead of against each other for the advancement of humanity. Many historians have confirmed that there would have been no renaissance if it was not for the tolerance introduced by Muslims for the first time in Europe. In contrary, the crusaders merely accusing Muslims with absurd and forced us to swallow the lies. Yet, we just couldn't be bothered..? Ignorance is bliss today...

Precisely, millions of Muslims are physically killed in the tragic wars (in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kosovo e.t.c), and millions more are 'softly killed' through the crusaders' invasion onto Muslims' systems of life (economics, politics, laws, cultures and such). It is difficult to deny Muslims dependency on the so-called crusaders, especially economics wise. Undoubtedly this patronage is harming and soon will be a catastrophic disaster to Muslim society. Muslims worldwide are losing the integrity. We are divided and helpless, we own nothing but to rely on giant-crusaders i.e the Christians-extremists and not to forget, the Zionist.

Faces Of Palestine:
Will this evidence answer Crusaders' offends for Muslim being Nazis..??

Wake up! Throw off our thick blanket of selfishness and drive away the worn attitude of ''O, its okay.. I'm not the 'ulamak', neither am a Muslim's leader who responsible to urge for the emergence of Islam's right..! Let other people do their jobs..I need not struggling myself doing something whilst I am not an expert!" And that affirms the sleeping-spree of our life...until when?? Wake up..! Pragmatically, aren't we dismayed over the outrageous policies and extortion towards Muslims?

We call ourselves Muslims. We need not to be Muslims' leaders / Uli-Amri, Mursyid, Murabbi or even pious enough to stand and fight for Muslims' rights. Once we are Muslims, it's our duty and courtesy to defend our religion from being intruded or insulted by those crusaders.. Word to word and blood to blood... But never repay in bad manners. The righteous from Allah s.w.t is to show others the tolerance, mercy and blessings of Islam by acting accordantly at the right time and the right place even though during the war.

The real Muslims never act disrespectful but decently and honourably. Only hoodlums who called themselves as 'Muslims' with their hidden agenda (they are controlled by forces with immeasurable power that we might not want to think of, a brilliant behind-the scenes manoeuvring and corporate capitalists), practising cold blooded killings of the innocents in their killing spree.. Later they pointed to the Muslims as the one who responsible and the provocation worked easily on the non Muslims. These warmongers are strongly backup with propaganda machines, screaming aloud an anti-Muslims rhetoric. That's why Muslims nowadays are seen as terrorists to the world.

We are not living in Afghanistan neither Iraq, nor Palestine to hold the rifles and shoot the Crusaders or Zionists! Yet for those who are aware enough, living in a prosperous and multiracial country like Malaysia, doesn't promise anything different than harmed by the episodes of manipulation and stepped down by the Muslims' opportunists-enemies, mainly through their domination in her economics and liberality of her political system. Blessing in disguise.. Despite the economics dependency on non Muslims and multinational companies (capitalists), which not only 'killed' majority of local Muslims' entrepreneurs but manufacturing and selling the disputable sources of foods (the Halal status is always questioned for foods are not prepared in Islamic way
), yet every night without failed, we still afford to sleep soundly...

There is no more glorious era of Muslims in Europe, or anywhere else.. Living in a small multiracial country like Malaysia, where our voice is always unheard (swallowed by the veto's power) in the United Nation's meetings, nothing much we can do to change the world! But, we can change ourselves...we should start by drawing out from our inner-selves, the contagious selfishness, replacing it with iman and taqwa. We should cling on to the right pillars of Islam as to revive our roots, to practice Addin, our Muslims' ways of life, thus building a Muslims' solidarity in particular. Give ourselves the best try in constructing the real Muslim from the inner and the outside us. Let's begin with ourselves. Let's beautify our families, friends and people around us. Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w started to spread Islam by himself all alone, but now as we can see, Islam shines through out the world..

My late mother used to say..."Waits not for other people to change, the trigger point should come from your own self, your spouse, your children, brothers and sisters. With your determined heart, iman and taqwa, you are armoured enough to start the 'battle'... live a Muslim way and be a real Muslim.. Harm not other people but give out the best of you to them! Show the Muslims' enemies the beauty of Islam, they'll crawl back to you once their hearts are impressed and enlighten by your rationality, sincerity and 'ukhwah' OR ignoring you once they realise you are not endanger them, OR facing the punishment from Allah s.w.t for all their abrasive and disgraceful deeds.
Kun Fa yakuun.."

Ramadhan for the year 2010 (1431 H) is around the corner. The right time for us to perform our 'amal' as much and as best as we could. We seek for His enormous forgiveness and guide us to encounter our enemies, be it the unseen enemies (the strong drive of lust 'mazmummah' and the obsession of Qariin) or those in persons. 'Iman' is not a heredity through generations. We need to 'plant the seeds, shower and fertilise' it, to make it grow stronger by day. Let's change to a new us, a new Muslims with strong will power and integrity to stand in the faith of Islam as our sacred belief.

Note: The latest news from New York after the attacked on 9/11 is about the proposal from the American-Muslim outreach group the Cordoba Initiative - the owner of the building at 45-47 Park Place, near Ground Zero, to use their building as their mosque. There are powers in the city government (e.g. the Community Board of lower Manhattan) that strongly opposing it by the reason "the building wasn't architecturally significant enough to merit the designation."

Although the anti-Muslim forces are gathering against them, the Cordoba initiative refused to relinquish. The Preservation Commission is expected to vote in August (this month) on whether to grant the structure landmark status.

Guys, please remember... 'quitters never win, and winners never quit !"

ramadan.jpg Thank you for reading.
Colours of life..


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